Why A Broad-Spectrum Disinfectant Is Best for a Large Vet Practice

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Disinfecting a vet practice is a constant battle against the dozens of different pathogens that your animal patients may be harboring. Illnesses like parvo, kennel cough, canine distemper, and others are highly infectious, and even a single animal patient can cause an outbreak in a large or busy vet practice.

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Veterinarians are dedicated to providing the best medical care to their patients as possible. Part of that is keeping them safe and healthy while they’re under your care, and that means safeguarding them against these types of infections. This can be a tall order, but it doesn’t have to be. When you take an approach that leverages the use of a broad-spectrum disinfectant, you can provide that all-important protection to your patients quickly, easily, and effectively.

No Need to Have Multiple Disinfectants


Not every veterinary disinfectant is created equal. Any disinfectant designed to be used in veterinary environments is obviously going to do the job, but only so far as it’s been designed to; disinfectants that target just one or two types of pathogens are great at doing their job, but they’re ineffective against everything else. This means you have to use multiple disinfectant products to achieve the same coverage that you would otherwise get with just a single broad-spectrum disinfectant. This saves you time and resources better spent elsewhere, such as caring for your patients.

Kills Most Pathogens


Broad-spectrum disinfectants are just that – effective against a broad spectrum of infections. High-quality broad-spectrums like Trifectant can effectively neutralize 99.99 percent of major viral, bacterial, and fungal infections, usually in minutes. Most fungi and bacteria are completely destroyed within 5 minutes of applying a broad-spectrum, and sturdier pathogens like parvo don’t last much longer at just 10 minutes or less.

Easy to Use

Broad-spectrum disinfectants are easy to use, one-step cleansers that can be applied to porous and non-porous surfaces alike. Most come in powdered form that is easily added to warm water, which can then be used to clean exam rooms, kennels, operating environments, and even waiting rooms with ease. Combined with the fact that you’ll only be using one cleaning agent to disinfect everything at once without having to switch between products and you’ll be done before you know it, even in the biggest of animal care facilities.

People and Animal Safe

With broad-spectrum disinfectants specifically created to be used in animal care environments, these hard-hitting cleaners are designed to be safe for use around humans and animals alike. Solutions tend to be biodegradable, non-tainting, safe for the environment, and to have extremely low toxicity so that you can rest assured that the areas of your vet clinic or animal hospital that you disinfect will not just be clean but safe, as well.

The larger your animal care facility, the more important it becomes to keep it as clean and disinfected as possible in order to safeguard against transmission between your animal patients. The best method for accomplishing this as quickly, efficiently, and effectively will always be a broad-spectrum disinfectant.

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