Wash Out Pet Stains with Pet Laundry Detergent

pet laundry detergent

Hygiene is one of the most challenging parts of running a business surrounded by pets. It’s easy for them to soil many of your materials from fabrics to toys to clothes. Whether you are a groomer, shelter, or veterinarian, it’s important to have something that can wash away stains and remove tough pet odors. Enter Alpha Tech Pet’s Pet Laundry Detergent, designed to be safe for pets and humans.

Safe for Pets and Humans

safe detergent for pets

You can use our pet laundry detergent for general cleaning to remove persistent odors and stains. It has a higher concentration of cleaning agents, which helps in sanitizing. It is stronger than conventional detergents, helping you clean every garment you have. The result is a fresh set of soft fabrics for reuse.

When creating the detergent, the materials underwent thorough testing to ensure they are safe for pets. We use natural ingredients and design the material to work well for pet businesses. These businesses often have a steady population of animals. The number increases the demand for an effective laundry solution; thus, you can clean more grooming apparel, scrubs and uniforms using our product.

It won’t harm the pets and won’t cause any allergic reactions or complications. It’s also safe for humans, so you won’t have to worry about any chemical reactions or side effects.

The Green Pet Detergent

One issue that many cleaning products have is their effect on the environment. They have chemicals that can seep into the ground or contaminate water sources. They add pollution instead of fully fulfilling their cleaning purposes. They can also be poisonous and harmful to animals.

Our Pet Laundry Detergent uses natural ingredients, avoiding any complications with lab-made chemicals. It reduces your carbon footprint and pollutants significantly. It is also an effective and safe cleaning agent so as your business moves to become more green, this will add to your efforts.

Tested and Approved

We've approached the proper authorities for verification and have approvals from veterinarians and various animal care specialists. This approval means that our products are safe to use on pets and an assurance that no danger will come to them. You don’t need to risk using a laundry detergent that could have some unknown effects because they don’t have the approval of veterinarians.


A Practical Detergent

Our pet laundry detergent doesn’t have any complex instructions. To use it, you only need to put two ounces in with water. It works for any temperature, whether hot or cold and if you’re aiming to be more efficient, you can use half the amount at one ounce. With each bottle, you can get up to 96 washes, making it an economical choice for any business.

Made for Pets

Businesses have adopted our pet stain laundry detergent as their go-to product. It is a safe, practical, and green solution to your problems. You’ll be free from those hard-to-clean stains and odors. Order now and experience the best pet laundry detergent on the market.

For more education information contact Tom Bissanti: Tom@AlphaTechPet.com or visit our pet industry education website.



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