Top Tips to Clean Your Veterinary Office

tips to clean veterinary office

As different types of pets and pet owners go in and out of your veterinary office or animal care facility, keeping it safe and clean can be challenging. Whether you’re a vet, day care operator or a groomer, you need to take part in creating a safe and conducive space for these lovable pets, their animal parents, and your staff.

Fortunately, we have some valuable tips to maintain the cleanliness of the whole area, which we will discuss below, so keep reading!


Don’t Forget Ventilation

While it’s important to focus on cleaning the floors and other surfaces of the veterinary office and animal care facilities, make sure to include an efficient ventilation system. Remember that , especially in veterinary practices, animals tend to produce an unwanted odor because of pets’ various conditions. So, ensure proper air circulation throughout the kennels, examination rooms, and bathrooms.

Eliminate Unnecessary Items

If you dispose of unnecessary clutter, you’re helping reduce dust and dirt. Keep rarely used fabrics, documents and equipment in a safe storage area. Going paperless is also recommended, such as creating online portals for documentation.

Create a Checklist

Maintaining your animal clinic and veterinary office’s cleanliness requires solid rules and cleaning tasks. Write down the instructions for specific jobs, who will perform such responsibilities, and which facility setting they’re assigned to. For instance, add reminders on how to disinfect operating or exam rooms and how to properly clean kennels. Place these checklists in visible areas so your staff can easily read and follow them.

stayfresh aps

Pick High-Quality Products

Choosing premium veterinary cleaning products is vital for keeping your animal facility and veterinary office clean and germ-free. Environment-friendly veterinary cleaning solutions, like the ones Alpha Tech Pet offers, also make a difference. For example, you can safely use KennelSol for effective daily disinfecting, StayFresh APS for air purification, and SteriCide for the quick and efficient microbial kill.

wash hands

Maintain Proper Hand Hygiene

Practicing proper hand hygiene is also crucial in preventing infection or contamination within your veterinary office, grooming facility or kennel. This includes washing your hands with soap and water, wearing gloves, and using reliable alcohol-based hand sanitizers. For instance, emCare contains 72% alcohol and removes 99.99% of bacteria and germs.

Maintain a Cleaner Veterinary Office

While maintaining the sanitation of your veterinary office or animal facility can be a difficult task, it gets easier with the right steps and veterinary cleaning solutions. Check out our educational page to learn how you can clean your veterinary office wisely and effectively.

For more education information contact Tom Bissanti: or visit our pet industry education website.



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