Tips to Remove Wet and Dry Pet Stains

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There’s no real way to avoid it – if you’ve got pets, you know that accidents happen sometimes. No matter how well housebroken your dog is or how fastidious your cat might be about using the litter box, a little mess is just about inevitable.

Cleaning up after a pet spill is a pain to be sure, and one that can easily leave you feeling like you want to pull out all your hair. But don’t worry! We’ve got a great selection of tips for you on how to remove both wet and dry pet stains. Here are some fantastic tips on how to clean up after your pets’ little accidents.

Cleanup Can be Easier Than You Think

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Sometimes you luck out and your pet makes a mess on an item that’s machine-washable, like a piece of clothing, a towel, or blankets and bedding. In this case, your best bet is to start a wash cycle, combining your regular detergent with a one-pound box of baking soda. Then, air dry the offending garment. This should take care of most problems.

If you’ve got a persistent stain that you can either still see – or worse, still smell – give them yet another wash. This time, though, add an enzymatic pet stain remover which will break down those stubborn odors and stains. Meanwhile, if it’s sheets or blankets that got soiled, keep your bed temporarily covered with something that’s unattractive to your pet – a machine-washable, vinyl tablecloth with a flannel backing usually does the trick.

For More Serious, Wet Stains

Of course, not everything can be solved by throwing it in the washing machine. If your pet soils some upholstery or a carpet, you’ve got a few more steps to follow. First, soak up the spill as much as you can. For wet stains, begin with placing several paper towels down to begin soaking up the offending issue. Top it off with some newspaper and then stand on top of it to let everything get absorbed.

You might need to do this process a couple of times; repeat until the spot is only slightly damp. Once you’ve got the worst of it up, clean the spot with clean, cool water. Blot dry – don’t scrub, as this could spread any left-over soiling. Once you’re done, take some of the original paper towels and place it in your pet’s litter box, if it’s a cat, or outside in your dog’s favored “bathroom area” to encourage better housetraining habits.

Tackling Dry Stains – The Real Challenge

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In the world of cleaning pet accidents, dry stains are some of the most challenging problems for anyone who doesn’t want their home to smell like the inside of a kennel on a hot day. This is absolutely going to require the use of a heavy-duty pet odor remover, one with enzymatic cleaning action that can break down the chemical compounds of the stain and neutralize the odor.

First things first, though – you will need to clean the spot thoroughly beforehand, and that might require a carpet cleaner. If you don’t have one yourself, many hardware stores or supermarkets offer their own for rent. Use this carpet cleaner as directed; once the area is completely clean, use your pet stain remover afterward. If the area still bears a stain even after it’s been dried completely, you can always use carpet stain remover as well.

Remember: once is an accident; any more than that is a pattern. If your pet seems to be having a problem with waste elimination, be sure to have them checked out by your favorite vet!

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