Harvey, Irma, and Maria Hurricanes Have Made a Mess. Stericide® Is Here to Help Clean Up.

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The 2017 hurricane season was tough for much of the U.S. and Caribbean. Flooding spread bacteria, debris, and other contaminants into homes and businesses on a scale not seen in a very long time. Every nook and cranny was infiltrated with unknown contaminants. Damp surfaces will continue to grow mold and other microorganisms as companies and homeowners struggle to clean and rebuild. As the cleanup from these storms goes on for months and maybe even years, cleaning, disinfecting, and “even having the ability to sterilize” surfaces will be even more important and difficult to accomplish than normal.

Even if your facility was not flooded, people and animals from other areas will likely be spreading contagions. Pets have been especially hard hit by the storms; so animal shelters, other animal care facilities and veterinarians will be extra busy. It is even more important than normal to protect your facility from dangerous microorganisms so you can stay open. Stericide is a fast-acting broad-spectrum disinfectant, sterilizer and sporicide, that can eradicate all forms of microbial life (that means all harmful pathogens) on hard non-porous surfaces to make sure our furry friends stay safe and healthy. Get Stericide today so you are not caught off guard if the 2018 hurricane season is anything like 2017.

Stericide is the ONLY liquid surface sterilizing product on the market today – “that’s a huge step above being just a disinfectant”

If you are in other industries such as hospitality, resorts, cruise lines, hotels, healthcare, theme parks, restaurants, schools, food service, EMT and hazmat vehicles, or any other business that has hard non-porous surfaces, then you also need Stericide. Cutting grime is tough enough, but having the ability to sterilize surfaces, now that’s awesome! Stericide cleans, deodorizes, disinfects, sterilizes, and is an effective fungicide and sporicide. There is no need to use multiple products when Stericide can do it all. In a convenient ready-to-use container, you do not need to worry about mixing. Just spray, and let it sit to completely eradicate a wide variety of pathogens (it kills all forms of microbial life – viruses, bacteria, fungi, and even protozoan parasites).

To learn more about the power of Stericide click here. Alpha Tech Pet also offers KennelSol and KennelSol APS (plus many other sanitation related products) for maintaining the cleanliness of your facility.

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