Sanitize Your Animal Care Facility Using Wholesale Pet Cleaning Supplies

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Sanitize Your Animal Care Facility Using Wholesale Pet Cleaning Supplies

Wholesale pet cleaning supplies can be instrumental in keeping your animal care facility clean and fresh while saving your facility money. Your vet clinic, kennel, animal hospital, or animal shelter has the potential to become a breeding ground for dangerous microorganisms like germs, bacteria, and viruses. The spread of disease and infection among pets and humans alike can harm their health. It can also have adverse effects on your business.

That’s why you must ensure that you and your staff members regularly disinfect the surfaces, floors, walls, and medical devices in your venue. Keep reading to find out what types of wholesale pet cleaning supplies you can use to sanitize your pet care facility. Find out where you can get high-quality cleaning products for your animal care business.

The Big Three of Wholesale Pet Cleaning Supplies

1. Pet Odor Removers

It is natural for dogs, cats, and other animals to leave behind unpleasant smells and stains because of regular bodily functions. But they can also become stinky because of unexpected encounters with skunks and even disease. These foul odors will make your vet clinic or animal shelter a distressing place to work for your team, as well as an unattractive place to visit for your clients and guests. Pet odor and stain removers are specially designed for animals and will rid your facility of obnoxious aromas caused by animals.

Pet odor removers typically come in spray and concentrate form. Make sure to choose brands that feature a bio-active, non-toxic formula and natural extract ingredients to protect the well-being of animals because these odors also cause stress in animals.

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2. Kennel Cleaning Products

Crates and fabricated kennels are essential equipment for pets since they keep cats and dogs cozy, comfortable, and protected. Nevertheless, they need to be disinfected daily to remain a conducive, healthy shelter for animals.

Ordinary cleaning supplies may not be effective for kennels so you should go for veterinarian-formulated kennel cleaning supplies. Professional kennel cleaning supplies are suitable for animal hospitals and vet clinics since they are potent enough to eliminate fungi, viruses, and bacteria from kennels. They are also designed to reduce the stress in animals who are forced to be grouped in these situations.

3. Veterinary Disinfectants and Cleaners

The constant traffic of pets and people in and out of your animal care facility can cause a gradual accumulation of dirt, germs, and bacteria. Aside from implementing a regular maintenance routine, you should use veterinary sanitizers to keep your place free from viruses and bacteria. Select wholesale pet cleaning supplies that are particularly designed for animal care facilities since they are powerful enough to protect pets from sickness and infection caused by harmful microorganisms.

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Find Wholesale Pet Cleaning Supplies at Alpha Tech Pet

Maintaining a clean, fresh environment is important for your vet clinic, animal shelter, kennel, or animal hospital. It is a vital way for you and your team to show that you prioritize the health and well-being of pets and humans. Despite your busy routine, you should set aside time to disinfect your venue using safe yet powerful veterinary cleaning supplies.

Start sanitizing your animal care facility today using wholesale pet cleaning supplies from Alpha Tech Pet.

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