Pet Safe Cleaning Products

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Pet Safe Cleaning Products

During the pandemic it is even more important to be vigilant about cleaning your place of business. As they continue to visit and support your facility, it is only right to repay customers by prioritizing their health and safety. Unfortunately, though, many widely used cleaning agents and products are not safe to use around animals. Here’s a list of safe alternative pet cleaning products from Alpha Tech Pet that will ensure your place of business is clean and safe for both humans and animals.


Ammonia is a popular ingredient in both commercial and residential cleaning products like floor and multi-surface leaners. It is effective in breaking down stains, grease, and grime. Ammonia, however, causes severe itching, redness, and irritation when it comes in contact with an animals’ skin and eyes. In severe cases, it may even cause blindness. Ammonia also irritates the throat and digestive tract, causing coughing and a burning sensation.

orange degreaser

Pet-safe Alternative: Orange Degreaser

Orange Degreaser from Alpha Tech Pet is a heavy-duty cleaner that easily dissolves as it deep cleans grease, grime, soils, and more. As an all-purpose cleaner, it can be used to clean and eliminate stains and oils from walls, floors, equipment, and even machinery and will not affect the health of the pets in your care.

Bleach and Chlorine

Bleach is another widely used and effective disinfectant and cleaning agent. However, it is also one of the most toxic pet cleaning products available. Watch out for chlorine, too, which is an ingredient for making bleach and has the same disruptive properties. Bleach has a strong and highly irritating odor, even for humans. In some cases, the smell of bleach may cause breathing issues among pets. If animals ingest bleach or chlorine, it can cause burning sensations in the eyes, nose, mouth, and throat. It can also lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and death.

Pet-Safe Alternative: Alpha Bio-Drain Cleaner and Maintainer

Our Alpha Bio-Drain Cleaner and Maintainer is an animal-friendly alternative to using bleach or chlorine in cleaning and deodorizing drains. Pouring bleach down a drain, even when diluted, can cause toxic fumes to come out of it. Our Alpha Bio-Drain Cleaner and Maintainer is a biodegradable and enzymatic drain cleaner that’s perfect for commercial and industrial drains. Not only can it ensure the drains are clean, but it also helps maintain flow and remove odors.


Phthalates are a group of chemicals that make plastic more flexible, thus, often linked to plastic products. However, it is also used to add artificial fragrances. Phthalates are present in many all-purpose cleaners, laundry detergents, and odor-reducing products. Evidence suggests that prolonged exposure to phthalates may cause cancer in both animals and humans. It is also linked to issues in the kidney, liver, and reproductive systems.

odorpet concentrate

Pet-Safe Alternative: OdorPet Concentrate

Our OdorPet Concentrate Stain and Pet Odor Remover is a pet-safe and vet-approved complete stain and odor remover. It has a bio-active, enzymatic formula and is a trusted cleaning partner of commercial businesses such as kennels, pet resorts, groomers and more. Thanks to its near-neutral pH level, it is gentle while effectively handle unpleasant stains and smells. After removing the odor, it leaves behind a pleasant lavender or black cherry scent while remaining safe for pets.

A Reliable Partner for Pet Safe Cleaning Products

Alpha Tech Pet pre-mixed pet cleaning products are not only non-toxic and effective, but they are also extremely convenient to use, especially in large spaces. Maintaining a clean kennel, store, veterinary clinic, or grooming salon is important. Ensuring the use pet-safe cleaning products maintains not only cleanliness and health but also your customers’ trust.

If you have any questions about KennelSol, please feel free to contact us at 800-222-5537 or fill out our contact form with your information.

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