Keeping Safe and Sane in the Time of COVID-19

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The coronavirus pandemic has been gripping the world in fear, uncertainty, and doubt for many months and continues to do so in a number of places around the world. In the United States, infection figures are rising steadily in many states, even as local and federal governments scramble to institute new social distancing rules designed to slow the spread of this highly infectious disease.

As a result, the signal-to-noise ratio on helpful information versus not-so-helpful information has been very high. We’ve got good news for you though: there are plenty of ways to stay safe and sane during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing to limit your exposure to the novel coronavirus is only half of the equation; the other is keeping your environment clean and sanitized so that you can control your chances of infection even further.

What Can Kill COVID-19?

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If you’ve been led to believe that COVID-19 is some invincible superbug, you’ll be glad to know that you’re wrong. The novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, is resilient to treatment, but that’s because, like all viruses, isn’t susceptible to antibiotics. This is the same reason it’s been impossible to get rid of the flu or the common cold.

Yet just because there’s no perfect treatment for COVID-19 to kill the virus while it’s inside you doesn’t mean that the problem can’t be addressed in a different way. In fact, one of the most effective ways to avoid being infected with COVID-19 is to eliminate possible methods of exposure, specifically by cleaning and disinfecting your environment by using a germicidal cleaner that’s capable of wiping out any specimens of the novel coronavirus that may be living on objects or hard surfaces.

What It Takes to Keep Your Environment Clean and Disinfected

Not all cleaning agents are created equal. Some are better at disinfecting and sanitizing than others, and this means it’s crucial to know what to look for in a cleaning agent when you’re looking for one that will be effective in killing COVID-19 on objects and surfaces in your environment. Thankfully, there’s plenty of help for anyone wondering if their favorite cleaner is effective, thanks to the US Environmental Protection Agency; the EPA has put together a comprehensive list of disinfectants that are anticipated to be effective against the novel coronavirus (or an even harder-to-kill virus).

kennelsol disinfectant

But we can take the guesswork out of finding the right cleaning agent for you right now. Alpha Tech Pet’s KennelSol and KennelSol HC are on the EPA’s approved list for COVID-killer disinfectants. Designed for use in vet clinics, animal hospitals, and the homes of pet owners, KennelSol is an environmentally friendly and pet-safe product that disinfects as it cleans, making it ideal for keeping the hard non-porous surfaces of your home or place of work sanitized and safe from the novel coronavirus.

In a world where there’s so much uncertainty about how to keep safe from COVID-19, you need a disinfectant you can trust to wipe out the danger this virus faces. KennelSol is exactly what you need to keep safe.

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