Is It Safe to Clean with Bleach Around Dogs?

dangers of bleach around dogs

Bleach is commonly used to rid surfaces of germs, dirt, or other impurities. However, it is not a safe choice to use around dogs and other pets. Bleach contains chlorine, which is considered toxic to many animals and, at the very least, will damage a dog’s fur and at the other end of the spectrum is life-threatening when swallowed.

Despite this risk, it is amazing that some pet care centers, and vet clinics alike, still depend on bleach to clean their facilities knowing that bleach is harmful to dogs due to its toxic content. But what many may not know is that bleach is ineffective against a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses making bleach unsafe for sanitizing kennels, clinics, and grooming centers.


What Is a Better Alternative to Bleach?

Veterinary disinfectants or vetted pet cleaning products are the perfect alternatives to bleach. They are specially formulated to be safe around dogs because they leave no residue on cages, floors, or other surfaces making it risk-free of ingesting bleach residue. Also, they are effective against the pathogens that bleach is not.

When picking out a pet disinfectant for your clinic or kennel, there are a few things to consider such as strength in formulation and ease of application. You need to be sure you’re choosing the right veterinary disinfectant to suit your needs.

What Are Vet Disinfectants?


Veterinary disinfectants are made specifically to target germs, bacteria, and various microorganisms associated with pets. Veterinary disinfectants are also non-residual chemicals that keep facilities clean, including all surfaces and instruments that come in contact with an animal's blood or bodily fluids during surgery or diagnostics.

One example of a great product is our veterinarian formulated KennelSol Germicidal Cleaner and Deodorant by Alpha Tech Pet. It is a perfect multi-use disinfectant for animal hospitals, veterinary clinics, and pet care facilities. Another reliable product from Alpha Tech Pet is our SteriCide RTU Surface Sterilizer, which is meant to kill 100% of germs and bacteria on hard, non-porous surfaces.

Why It’s Time to Stop Using Bleach Around Dogs

Bleach is generally safe to use in pet-free businesses when properly diluted but it is not worth the risk for pet care professionals and veterinarians. A pet disinfectant is considered a standard pet cleaning product for veterinary clinics, kennels, and dog grooming centers. These places require high-grade yet safe cleaners, which kill microorganisms that can cause infections.

Regular bleach just won’t be able to stop the spread of diseases the way that pet disinfectant is designed to do. It's not enough to clean up after a sick animal using everyone’s favorite cleaning agent. You must sanitize the area so that the germs cannot be transmitted to any other animals or humans.

Animal clinics, kennels, and groomers need a dependable vet disinfectant on top of their regular pet cleaning products because of the special nature of their pet care facilities. The solutions should be able to clean and sanitize equipment and other surfaces, including the tools and materials used for diagnosing and treating animals.

A Must-Have for Pet Care Professionals and Vets

A vet disinfectant is the proper alternative to bleach and is an essential part of every pet care and veterinary practice. Pet care professionals and veterinarians must never settle for less when choosing the safest cleaners to maintain a clean environment for dogs. Discover the benefits of our veterinary-grade pet cleaning products and disinfectants from Alpha Pet Tech today.

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