How to Properly Clean and Sanitize Veterinary Equipment

Start the year off right by getting your veterinary equipment cleaned up for your sanitary needs. Disinfection — particularly in equipment — is a crucial step to ensure the safety and cleanliness of any animal facility. Often, veterinary staff are often unaware of the proper way to sanitize and clean veterinary equipment and may end up using the wrong products and procedure. In this blog post, we answer one of the most important questions when it comes to animal facilities: How do you properly clean and sanitize veterinary equipment?

Properly Clean and Sanitize Veterinary Equipment

Why is it Necessary to Clean Veterinary Equipment?

With so many animals coming in and out of your facilities, it's best to be prepared for all kinds of health issues. As a veterinary practice, many areas can become a breeding ground for bacteria, diseases, and viruses. Therefore, it's imperative to have the right kind of pet-safe sanitizer along with other products to keep each piece of equipment clean and sanitized.

Maintaining Clean Equipment

To make sure that all your equipment is free from bacteria, viruses, and harsh chemical residue, it’s best to disinfect every piece multiple times throughout the day as standard practice. While it might be important to clean equipment that’s been used, it’s just as important to clean other items, as well as surfaces, around your facility. Having a clean veterinary clinic won’t just keep your patients healthy, but it will also keep their owners happy to know that their beloved pets are being treated in a spotless and safe environment.

Providing a Safe Space

Facilities where animals are kept need to be as clean as possible to provide the best treatment for every patient. It also helps to eliminate any additional anxieties or fears about the kind of disinfectants used. Environmentally friendly options are a great choice since these can break down into oxygen and water, making them safe to handle without the need for personal protective equipment. These will not only destroy pathogens but will also have no harmful effects on animals and staff.

Choose Alpha Tech Pet

At Alpha Tech Pet, we carry specifically formulated products to help you clean and sanitize both the equipment and rooms in your facility. We have a huge range of products: from portable cleaning systems and washers to ozone generators and electrostatic sprayers. With our expertise in cleaning products, your facility will be able to keep doing what it does best: keeping beloved pets healthy while providing a safe environment. Our cleaning products and equipment can be used on the following:

  • Kennels
  • Floors
  • Counters
  • Runs
  • Fabrics
  • Exam tables
  • Reception areas
  • Stethoscopes, otoscopes, etc.
  • Computer keyboards/mice
  • Doorknobs
  • Phones
  • Scales
  • Light switches
  • Curbs
  • Concrete pillars
  • Door jams

Any animal facility, whether a kennel, veterinarian, animal hospital, or animal shelter, will need thorough cleaning every day. With our products, you'll be able to make disinfecting quick and painless. For veterinary cleaning equipment, you can count on Alpha Tech Pet to keep you safe and clean.



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