Going Green With Your Sanitization Practices

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Natural components are used to make eco-friendly cleaning products, making them free of any harmful or poisonous chemicals. Green cleaning products are the best option when you are looking to clean your clinic, kennel, or animal care facility without any harmful chemicals. 

How Does Cleaning Vary Between Green Products and Regular Products?

When assessing the differences between green products and regular products, there are three main things that play a role in the level of cleanliness you are receiving from both products.

1. The Ingredients That Are Used

    Typical cleaners include accelerated hydrogen peroxide and chlorine bleach. Most chemicals, including bleach, can have detrimental effects on health. There are labels on packages that warn you not to touch certain products because doing so could have fatal results. You can learn more about why to ditch the bleach in our blog Ditch the Bleach. 

    Environmentally friendly cleaners, on the other hand, rely on non-hazardous solvents such vinegar, essential oils and lemon for scent, baking soda, and water. Green cleaning products do not cause health issues and are safer for the health of you, your staff, clients, and the pets.

    2. The Effectiveness of the Products

      Eco-friendly cleansers don't damage the surface they are applied to, making them more effective than conventional chemicals at cleaning. Normal cleaners, however, have a tendency to diminish the surface's durability and ruin its transparency, shine, and durability after use due to their pH levels being very high (bleach) or very low (accelerated hydrogen peroxide).

      The fact that eco-friendly cleaning products typically have far longer lasting effects than conventional products is one of their greatest advantages as opposed to regular cleaners.

      3. Environmental Impact

        Eco-friendly cleansers are environmentally friendly and contribute to ongoing improvements in air quality, whereas conventional cleaners generate hazardous gases, have acidic formulae that can contaminate the air, and can even break down into carcinogenic materials!

        Phosphates released from regular cleaners like accelerated hydrogen peroxide operate as a fertilizer when they enter streams, resulting in an overabundance of algae. The oxygen supply in the water is eventually destroyed by the excess aquatic plant life, which also causes fish and other species to perish. Numerous cleaning products used in the home contribute to ozone and water pollution. Eco-friendly products do not cause any harm to the environment since they are non-toxic and do not use any harsh chemicals.

        How to Get the Best Eco-Friendly Clean

        For the best eco-friendly clean, our Tersano Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) Dispenser can sanitize for up to 24 hours and clean for six days. Our SAO is a chemical-free cleaning system that turns ordinary tap water and oxygen into liquid stabilized aqueous ozone - a powerful, natural cleaner, stain remover, deodorizer and sanitizer.

        In addition to our SAO dispenser, we also offer our SAO (Lotus Pro) High Capacity Aqueous Ozone Generator "Replacement Cartridges" to purchase when it is time to change your old cartridge. The Aqueous Ozone is made on-the-spot with continuous flow for mop buckets, carpet extractors and automatic scrubbers - killing germs while cleaning and is eco-friendly.

        What if I Have Questions?

        At Alpha Tech Pet, we strive to provide environmentally friendly cleaning products and supplies to animal care facilities. The health and cleanliness of our customer’s facility is our priority and we are here to help answer any questions you might have. Contact us today at 800-222-5537 or 978-486-3690 to talk to one of our staff members.

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