Why ENCORE Washers and Dryers Are Great For Commercial Animal Facilities.

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Clean laundry is required in animal hospitals, clinics, kennels, and stables, just as it is in human hospitals. To limit disease transmission and speed up healing, towels, bedding, lab coats, horse blankets, and other linen must be sanitized. Soiled and potentially contagious linen must be thoroughly cleaned using the proper combination of chemicals, water temperature, mechanical action, rinses, extraction, and other factors. That is why it is critical for animal care businesses to invest in commercial laundry equipment to meet the demands of their demanding animal laundry needs. In a variety of animal care businesses, including doggie daycares, pet stores, training facilities, and veterinary offices, commercial laundry equipment saves time and money in the long run. Continue reading to learn more about how commercial laundry equipment especially ENCORE, can help you with your animal care business.

Enhanced Efficiency

Commercial washing machines not only offer a wide range of program options, but they also improve the efficiency of your laundry times. Commercial laundry equipment allows you to do more laundry in less time. Because there are so many animals in one place, there are always large loads of laundry waiting to be cleaned, so this increase in efficiency is a huge factor for animal care businesses like yours. As a general rule, 12 pounds of laundry is sufficient for a standard top-loading machine. Commercial washing machines range in weight from 20 to 100 pounds. If you invest in commercial laundry equipment, you won't have to worry about whether you'll be able to finish all of your loads for the day!


Commercial laundry equipment has the potential to be more energy efficient than standard household machines. Commercial front load washers from ENCORE are energy efficient and have been shown to reduce operating costs for businesses. This high level of energy efficiency is made possible by the machine's low water consumption and high-speed extraction. Investing in energy-efficient devices is a great way to cut operational costs!

Excellent Quality

One of the most compelling reasons to upgrade your laundromat equipment is to reap the benefits of higher-quality machines. ENCORE laundry equipment technology is constantly evolving, and having the most recent models will almost certainly result in a significant improvement in the quality of your clean.

Alpha Tech Pet Professional Installation Service

For ENCORE Washers and Dryers, a professional installation service is available. Simply select side-by-side or stacked installation from the drop-down menu above. This is a service that we strongly recommend.

Soft connects, testing and programming of your machine(s), and training are all part of the service. These prices also include the removal of old equipment.

Please contact us for information on the necessary plumbing, drainage, and electrical requirements prior to installation.

Alpha Tech Pet provides veterinary equipment specially designed for vet clinics, animal hospitals and other pet care facilities. We are one of the trusted sources of high-quality animal care equipment. We understand the importance of trusted vet equipment. Learn more about our Animal Facility Equipment and our ENCORE products today at https://www.alphatechpet.com/equipment.aspx

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