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Veterinarians, consider the number of people and pets that go through your office daily. Pet owners, consider when you are cleaning how pet-friendly your cleaning products truly are. Alpha Tech Pet supplies both veterinary offices and homeowners with the best options! Here are a few reasons why you should choose Alpha Tech Pet as your pet cleaning solutions!

Years Of Experience

Alpha Tech Pet has a long history of developing and testing cleaning solutions for the animal care industry. Since 1989, Alpha Tech Pet has been the most trusted sanitation provider in the animal care industry. We are a veterinary-owned company with over 35 years of experience in the Animal Care Industry.

Variety Of Products Offered

We offer pet disinfectants & sanitizers, grooming solutions, pet odor removers, equipment, and other veterinary cleaning supplies. It's hard to find someone that is your one-stop show but here at Alpha Tech Pet, we have it all!

Environmentally Friendly

When it comes to pet products, quality and effectiveness are just as important as environmental friendliness. Alpha Tech Pet understands the delicate balance that animal care and cleaning products require. They must be effective against odors like urine and diseases like canine parvovirus, while also providing a safe and sustainable environment for people, animals, and costly facility equipment. We create and look for products that are hypoallergenic such as PetSuds, and pH balanced (neutral solutions) such as KennelSol disinfectant.

Customers Love Us

We have tons of outstanding reviews from veterinary facilities to homeowners. Here are a few reviews from verified customers:

“I cannot tell you how wonderful their products are! As a wildlife rehabilitator for 35 years now, laundry is indeed a "thing"! Kudos to the wonderful staff of Alpha Tech Pet, Inc. and thank you for making my never-ending laundry issues a clean breeze! Diana Leggett - President, WildRescue, Inc.” - Diana Leggett

“We've been using KennelSol for years at our dog daycare & boarding facility, and we love it! It's so nice to have a disinfectant that is specialized to keep things sanitary for our pups, and it also smells great and keeps things fresh and clean! The customer service team goes above and beyond every time. Thank you to AlphaTech Pet for this wonderful product!” - Bed and Biscuit

“Awesome company and people. I own Jackson's Place Dog Daycare in Houston, TX and they have been so helpful with our needs. Thanks so much, Alpha Tech Pet!” - Deb Sullivan

A few of our other reviews can be seen at https://www.alphatechpet.com/testimonials.aspx

Are You Ready To Choose Alpha Tech Pet?

Are you ready to make the change to the best pet cleaning solutions around? Shop our products today at https://www.alphatechpet.com/products.aspx or contact us online at https://www.alphatechpet.com/contact-us.aspx

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