Three Mat Entrance System for Animal Care Facilities

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Sanitation Mat System

The Three Mat Entrance System is the perfect addition for veterinarian clinics, animal hospitals, and other animal care facilities, as they help to eliminate dirt, mud and dust brought in from the outside.

Let’s go over these three mats:

  1. Outside Scraper Mat: This is the mat that will be placed right outside of your building or office’s entrance; this is the first line of defense that will stop large particles of dirt, mud and dust.
  2. Inside Scraper/Wiper Mat: This is the most important mat of the three; the certified slip resistant mat is comprised of extra tough fabrics that traps and retains dirt and moisture.
  3. Inside Wiper Mat: This is the last line of defense; its job is to stop any remaining dirt and moisture that slipped through the first two mats.

Did you know that without mats, dirt particles brought in by paws and feet alone account for more than 80% of your building’s total dirt and dust particles? All this dirt (which could have easily been eliminated with our Three Mat Entrance System) causes poor indoor air quality.

Also, another fun fact, in a five day period, just 150 people can attribute to one pound of dirt; it will cost you, as the business owner, an average of $600 a week to clean up that one pound of dirt. We did the math, and that’s an annual cost of $30,000 per year!

One square yard of our carpet can absorb one pound of dirt, and you can double that number during the winter season. 10-15 feet of our entrance mats can capture more than 90% of your building’s total contaminants.

Our entrance mats can help you save on maintenance costs, they can help protect your building’s assets, and they help create a safer and cleaner indoor environment!

For more information about our Three Mat Entrance System, please call Alpha Tech Pet at 800-222-5537.

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