The Properties of an Ideal Disinfectant

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A primary challenge that animal care chemical producers often face is in the development of effective disinfecting solutions for the pathogens of concern to the animal care industry. As a result, animal care professionals and the companies trying to court them often become too focused on the answer to a singular question: “What does this chemical kill?”

This line of thinking is understandable, but mistaken. Animal care disinfectants must not be considered solely in virtue of whether or not they kill more than other chemicals, but instead on whether or not they achieve optimal effectiveness within the limitations of an animal care setting. Does the chemical kill as many pathogens of concern as possible, without causing harm to animals in a facility, their human caretakers, and the facility’s equipment?

This is what guides Alpha Tech Pet’s product development: striking the right balance between optimal effectiveness and safety. KennelSol® is a broad-spectrum germicidal deodorant cleaner that is pH-neutral, non-corrosive, and non-staining. It is effective against bacteria, viruses (including canine parvovirus), and fungi, without posing an unnecessary risk to animals, humans, or equipment.

KennelSol is as close to an “Ideal Disinfectant” for animal care facilities as one can find on the market today. It is effective, does not damage equipment, and, more importantly, is safe for use around animals and humans. It also does not induce extra stress on animals– an especially important consideration when caring for animals who are already in a stressed state due to housing in an unfamiliar environment, injury, disease, or trauma.

There are more factors that make a disinfectant ideal for an animal care application. You can read a thorough consideration of what makes a truly ideal disinfectant in our Ideal Disinfectant Article, or our product catalog. With those factors in mind, and KennelSol’s proven record, we believe you will choose KennelSol, and Alpha Tech’s other products, for your animal care and veterinary facility needs.

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