The Complete Guide to Effective Kennel Cleaning

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Maintaining a clean and sanitary kennel environment is crucial for the health and well-being of the animals in your care. Alpha Tech Pet offers a range of high-quality cleaning and disinfectant products designed to meet the stringent standards of veterinarians, animal hospitals, and pet care facilities. In this comprehensive guide, we'll introduce you to Alpha Tech Pet's top-rated kennel cleaning products and show you how to achieve effective kennel cleaning.

KennelSol: The Ultimate Kennel Cleaner Disinfectant

KennelSol, the original and highly acclaimed germicidal cleaner and disinfectant from Alpha Tech Pet, is an essential addition to your facility for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it delivers thorough protection by being EPA-registered and efficiently targeting a broad spectrum of pathogens, safeguarding against up to 100 varieties, including viruses like Canine Parvovirus and SARS-CoV-2, as well as bacteria and fungi. Moreover, KennelSol stands out for its formulation by veterinarians, ensuring it adheres to the highest industry standards for cleanliness and safety, making it a trusted choice for pet care professionals. Beyond its germ-killing capabilities, KennelSol also boasts deodorizing power, ensuring that it doesn't just clean but leaves your kennel with a refreshing and clean scent.

OdorPet: The Ultimate Stain and Odor Eliminator

OdorPet is the ultimate industrial-strength solution designed to tackle a wide range of pet stains and odors, including those from urine, feces, drool, vomit, and more. What distinguishes OdorPet is its bio-active enzyme-based formula, specifically designed to target odors at their source. This innovative formula efficiently breaks down debris, guaranteeing the permanent elimination of stains and odors. Moreover, it transforms this debris into water and carbon dioxide, making it not only highly effective but also environmentally friendly. Its versatility shines through as it boasts a near-neutral pH, making it safe for use on all surfaces and fabrics, allowing you to use it as frequently as needed. Whether you're dealing with pet stains on carpets, turf, or various fabrics, OdorPet is your reliable go-to solution. Plus, it's an environmentally conscious choice, being biodegradable and safe for both your facility and the planet.

SteriCide: Elevate Your Sanitation Program

SteriCide, proudly presented by Alpha Tech Pet, stands out as the leading hard surface sanitizer and disinfectant meticulously crafted for professional applications in commercial, veterinary, and medical settings. What distinguishes SteriCide is its all-encompassing approach to disinfection. With EPA registration, this ready-to-use solution serves as a versatile solution, acting not only as a cleaner but also as a veterinary disinfectant, deodorizer, fungicide, and sporicidal sterilant when applied to non-porous surfaces.

SteriCide goes above and beyond by incorporating oxidative chemistries like peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide, ensuring swift and effective performance even in the presence of significant bioburden. Notably, SteriCide's patent-pending formula maintains surface moisture for a crucial 20-minute duration, ensuring that its powerful chemistry achieves effective sterilization claims. This feature makes SteriCide a dependable and adaptable choice for upholding elevated levels of cleanliness and safety in professional environments.

An additional noteworthy attribute of SteriCide is its status as a ready-to-use solution, eliminating the need for dilution. Moreover, this sterilant boasts a remarkable capability to exterminate 100% of ALL microbial life, underscoring its unparalleled effectiveness in promoting a thoroughly sanitized environment. Choose SteriCide for a reliable and hassle-free solution to maintain optimal hygiene standards in your professional space.

Effective Kennel Cleaning Steps:

To ensure a thorough and effective cleaning process at your Kennel, follow these steps. Firstly, ensure the safety of all animals by removing them from the designated cleaning area. Next, clear away any loose debris, including pet waste and bedding. Proceed with the application of KennelSol to meticulously clean and disinfect surfaces, adhering to the manufacturer's guidelines regarding dilution ratios and contact times. For persistent stains or odors, rely on OdorPet to eliminate them at their source, noting its safe usability on various surfaces and fabrics. To achieve a professional level of sanitation on non-porous surfaces, use SteriCide. Lastly, promote proper ventilation in the cleaned area to aid in drying and to disperse any residual cleaning odors, ensuring a fresh and hygienic environment.

Maintaining a clean and hygienic kennel is vital for the health and comfort of the animals in your care. With Alpha Tech Pet's top-quality products like KennelSol, OdorPet, and SteriCide, you can achieve effective kennel cleaning that meets the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Say goodbye to pet stains, odors, and harmful pathogens, and create a healthier environment for both animals and staff at your facility. Trust Alpha Tech Pet for all your kennel cleaning needs.

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