The Benefits of Air Purification in Your Animal Facility

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An issue for veterinary clinics is poor indoor air quality. Surgical gasses, particulate matter, airborne viruses, infections, and allergens like pet dander, can make it challenging to maintain good air quality at veterinary clinics. These are frequently the source of unpleasant odors and in the absence of adequate ventilation, can aggravate allergies and pre-existing illnesses like COPD and asthma in pets and humans in your clinic. However, these issues can be prevented by using Alpha Tech Pet’s StayFresh Air Purification System.

What Are the Benefits of StayFresh Air Purification System?

There are several benefits to using the StayFresh air purification system in your veterinary clinic. However, these are some of the 3 most common benefits.

1. Removes Harmful Chemicals:

    Numerous common cleaners that you are using in your vet clinic most likely contain hazardous substances. Small doses of exposure to these chemicals may be safe, but repeated exposure can cause major health problems to both your human visitors and your furry patients.

    These chemical pollutants can be removed by using our StayFresh Air Purification System, helping to lower the risk of various health issues.

    2. Eliminates Bad Odors:

      It is a given that you will have unpleasant odors in your vet clinic. These odors can come from the pets that are constantly coming in and out of your clinic, cleaning solutions, pet dander, and more.

      Having our StayFresh Air Purification System in your clinic can help significantly reduce unwanted odors. Now, your patients can visit your fresh-smelling clinic and leave breathing clean, filtered air!

      3. Decreases the Likelihood of Airborne Diseases:

        Microbes that are floating in the air can spread infections like the flu and the common cold. Everyone is breathing the same air, which is contaminated with bacteria and viruses, therefore causing viruses to spread. The same thing is true when it comes to pets getting sick at the vet.

        These germs and viruses are captured by our StayFresh Air Purification System. By eliminating the source of airborne illnesses, you can protect your patients, pets, staff, and yourself.

        If you are ready to purchase our StayFresh Air Purification System for your clinic or kennel, visit our website at for more information!

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