SoapBerries: An All-Green Washing Solution

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Alpha Tech Pet’s commitment to superior environmentally friendly solutions for animal care facility maintenance oftentimes leads us to explore solutions that are entirely foreign to the established animal care facility industry. We challenged ourselves to find an alternative to the typical laundry detergent. Most detergents are made from synthetic chemicals and heavily infused with dyes and fragrances. Many of these chemicals don’t rinse away cleanly, leaving residues behind that can irritate skin and sensitive tissues.

Overall, we found that laundry detergents were creating an unnecessarily harsh environmental impact, and we set out to find a solution that didn’t. What we found were SoapBerries. SoapBerries are an all-natural product, made from the dried shells of berries that are infused with a natural detergent capable of effectively removing harsh pet messes from fabrics. They are environmentally friendly, effective, economical, and hypoallergenic– everything we want in a laundry detergent.

Naturally sourced: SoapBerries are grown from the Sapindus mukorossi tree. The berries are harvested only after they fall from the tree. The shell is removed and dried naturally in the sun. The dried shell becomes the product, as it contains the chemical compound saponin. The berry is re-planted, to become a new S. mukorossi tree, which will in turn provide new SoapBerries. It’s not just good business, it’s good environmental care.

Effective wash: Saponin compounds have been used as natural detergents for centuries by cultures all over the world. Just like every other detergent, saponin molecules have at least one lipophilic (oil-loving) end, and at least one hydrophilic (water-loving) end. The lipophilic end eagerly (and firmly) attaches to dirt and grease. The hydrophilic end attaches to water molecules, so the whole thing rinses away– dirt and detergent included. SoapBerries are capable of cleaning the toughest pet messes in your wash.

Clean rinsing: SoapBerries leave behind no residue, unlike typical modern detergents. Most detergents contain fragrances and dyes, in addition to their synthetic cleaning compounds, which can stay behind on your clothes. This residue is an irritant and an allergen. SoapBerries are hypoallergenic, and rinses clean, so there’s no risk of irritation.

Versatile: SoapBerries are not only great for your pet laundry, but also for your own laundry– from your work scrubs to your blue jeans and socks. SoapBerries can clean anything typical detergents can, and they do it better, with less environmental harm, and no irritating residue.

Economical: Each case of SoapBerries can provide over 240 washes, which results in a cost per wash of about 20 cents. SoapBerries is also a natural fabric softener, eliminating another expense from your washing routine.

There are many more advantages to SoapBerries because of its all-natural sourcing and lack of synthetic chemicals. Too much to list here, but you can learn more about SoapBerries on the Alpha Tech Pet store site. Be sure to click over to the informational video and frequently asked questions. And if you want to learn more about what’s in that bottle of detergent in your closet, read the hazardous ingredients information sheet.

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