Skunk Season - How to Get Rid Of Skunk Odor on Pets & in Your Home

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Skunk Season - SkunkAway

We are happy to report that the horrible winter of 2015 is now a thing of the past. Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner. Dog owners beware of skunks! With the warm weather brings the return of this very smelly animal, and for some reason, dogs are quite keen on investigating these interesting creatures, which of course often leads them into trouble by getting them sprayed in the face.

If your dog does get sprayed, try your best to keep him or her outside (until the odor can be eliminated) so the smell doesn’t embed itself into the carpets and furniture of your home. If your furry friend does get sprayed, not to worry, Alpha Tech Pet has a solution for you – and it’s called SkunkAway!

This two part solution doesn’t just mask skunk odors, like some products on the market, but instead completely eliminates it. The Chlorine Dioxide solution will breakdown the molecules of the skunk odor and remove the odor entirely.

If your four legged friend is sprayed by a skunk, which happens more often than any would like to see, Alpha Tech Pet’s SkunkAway will do the job in eliminating the odor from your pet!

For more information, or to purchase our skunk removal products, please give Alpha Tech Pet a call at 978-486-3690.

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