S.H.I.P. & Save With Us Today

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Alpha Tech Pet is proud to provide animal shelters, veterinary clinics, humane societies, and consumers with the best pet cleaning products out on the market. We love to give back, which is why we have a savings program for shelters and humane societies; S.H.I.P.! Shelter Humane Society Incentive Program is special savings program to save huge on our products! Making sure facilities are in tip top shape is a passion of ours as we make sure each of our products gets the job done as well as being environmentally safe! With a wide variety of items to help with cleaning, sanitation, odor control and more, the choices are endless to make sure you and your pets are protected! We also sell special equipment that work best with our products for maximum cleanliness! For shelters and humane societies, we know this is extra important, which is why we offer our S.H.I.P. program to help with costs.

Contact us today to start saving and make sure your shelters are clean for all!

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