Pet Laundry and The Art of Creating A Beautiful Smelling Environment

Pet Laundry and The Art of Creating A Beautiful Smelling Environment

How often do we walk into our home, kennel or animal hospital just to notice the animals before we even see them? The smell is on our rugs, furniture, bedding, even our scrubs and clothes. Like a rippling effect, a pet’s smell has a tendency to secretly make its way into every fabric.

Making Pet Laundry Detergent Part of the Equation

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If you Google “ways to get rid of the dog or cat smell in your house,” you will find a long list of time-consuming hacks designed to cover up the odor. And if you work in the animal care industry, your job is even harder. The internet boasts of air filters, air fresheners, pet-approved candles, pet wipes, and a variety of all-purpose cleaners created to make your facility smelling better. But that does not take care of the source: pet laundry. Proper pet laundry should be part of your overall sanitation process.

Why You Need a Special Laundry Detergent for Pets

Dr. Shawn Sietz
Shawn Seitz, D.V.M., founder of Alpha Tech Pet, wholesale and retail provider of animal care products including environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions

For over 35 years, Dr. Shawn Seitz, Founder of Alpha Tech Pet, witnessed scrubs, uniforms and grooming apparel getting tossed out as a result of odors that simply wouldn’t budge. By developing LaundraPet® he was able to find a solution to this problem, one that has been shared throughout the animal industry. And, it has been designed for the environment. LaundraPet® deep cleans, fights odors, removes stains, and is ecologically safe.

“We often times overlook the obvious” Seitz says. “There are a lot of harmful chemicals used in many of today’s laundry detergents. These are chemicals that are harmful to the environment and, are also responsible for skin irritation and hypersensitivity issues in both pets and people. When we developed LaundraPet®, we set out to develop a product lacking harmful chemicals, and one that was also a safer choice, being DfE (Designed for The Environment).

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As someone who has been immersed in the animal care industry for several years, Seitz understood the need for a product that was powerful enough to get out the odors that are caused by debris and dander, yet one that was made from safe and natural products. LaundraPet® is a triple strength pet laundry detergent made to get the odors out of pet bedding, blankets, towels, fabric pet toys and clothing. As an added bonus, LaundraPet® is super economical. One 64 ounce bottle of the concentrated formula yields 96 washes, making it last longer than your average detergent.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Pet Laundry Detergent

Seitz believes that there are some things to consider when choosing a pet detergent:

  1. Low sudsing so it’s safe to use in a high efficiency washer
  2. Made from natural ingredients, protecting the environment, and the animals and people in your life
  3. Powerful enough to kill the odors in one wash cycle, making it economical
Save A Dog

Shirley Moore and Sarah Grove, from Save A Dog, in Sudbury, Massachusetts know exactly what it’s like to deal with soiled laundry.

“Laundry is an all-day thing that we do here,” says Grove, a kennel employee. “We use LaundraPet® because it’s concentrated so it goes a long way and it’s more cost-effective for us.”

Moore, the founder of Save A Dog, has seen nearly 7,000 dogs rescued since she founded the organization in 1999.

“We discovered Alpha Tech Pet and love their products,” says Moore. “When you have to do a dirty job, it’s nice to have a nice smell afterwards.”

Pet Laundry For Life

Having a dog, cat or any pet requires sacrifices you wouldn’t normally have to make. It’s important to know that there is no cover-up cure to achieving a fresh-smelling house or facility. If you make pet laundry part of your cleaning routine, with a detergent that is powerful enough yet made from safe ingredients, then enjoying your pet becomes a better part of your life.

LaundraPet® is available both retail and wholesale, shipping directly to you via Alpha Tech Pet.

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