Pet Laundry Detergent for Animal Care Facilities

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Our pet laundry detergent, LaundraPet, is a premium detergent, perfect for animal hospitals and other animal care facilities; this is great for the environment, and it has pure ingredients that meet the EPA green standards.

Compared to ordinary laundry detergents, LaundraPet will produce three times the cleaning power, and it is formulated with non-soap surfactants.

It will effectively remove pet odors and stains from washable garments, leaving them with a fresh and clean scent. You can use this detergent to keep your professional clothes fresh and soft; wash your scrubs, uniforms, and grooming material with LaundraPet!

Not only should you use this product for your professional clothes, but you should also use it for your animals’ washable material, i.e. pet bedding, towels, and blankets. Washing these items, along with your scrubs, will help keep your animal facility smelling fresh, which is a more welcoming smell for pet owners!

LaundraPet is the perfect detergent for those who have a lot of animals in their care; for a high efficiency washer, you only need to use 1 cupful, and two capfuls for both top and front loading washing machines! Because you only need 2 capfuls at the most for each load, a 64 ounce supply of LaundraPet will product up to 96 washes!

For more information about our laundry detergent for pets, please give Alpha Tech Pet a call at 800-222-5537.

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