Dog Was Sprayed by a Skunk…Now What?

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SkunkAway Spray

We’ve all been through it…we have all suffered through the agonizing stench of a pet, who has been sprayed by a skunk! If you have experienced this unfortunate event, you know that your entire house now smells as if a family of skunks has moved in; what can you do to, not just mask the smell, but remove it completely?

Fortunately for you, Alpha Tech Pet has an odor removing product, called SkunkAway that will completely remove that awful odor from your home!

This easy-to- use spray application will effectively knockout and eliminate the toughest of skunk odors! The two part solution of Chlorine Dioxide will break down odor molecules, which will effectively eliminate the skunk smell, instead of just masking the smell; there are so many “copycat” products” that are only powerful enough to mask the skunk smell! Why only mask the smell, when you can completely rid your entire house, with SkunkAway?!

Here’s an added bonus: this product is not only an effective deodorizer, it is powerful enough to reduce ringworm infections, healing hot spots, and assisting with skin abrasions and infections!

Once you open this solution, it remains active and effective for about a month, when stored in a cool place, away from the sun!

For more information about our skunk removal products, please give Alpha Tech Pet a call at 800-222-5537.

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