Disinfectant Product that Kills the Parvovirus

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Parvovirus is an acute virus that is common in dogs; the most common question people have regarding this virus is how long it lasts, and how to disinfect the environment.

On average, Parvovirus can survive for several months, but it does vary depending on the conditions of a given environment. The vitality of this virus depends on a number of factors – temperature, humidity, sunlight, etc. This virus thrives in cold temperatures, so freezing and cold temperatures will not kill this virus. Winter is coming, make sure your animal care facility has the products readily available to kill any outbreak, before it infects multiple animals!

Our KennelSol Broad Spectrum Cleaner will do the job in minimizing and containing this potentially deadly virus. Use this diluted solution on any hard non-porous surfaces.

As a veterinarian or as an owner of an animal care facility, you want to make sure all of the animals you encounter are safe from dangerous diseases and pathogens; you can’t stop animals with unknown diseases from entering your animal care facility, but you can stop the spread of these diseases by investing in the right cleaning and disinfectant products! One product that must remain on the top of your shopping list is the KennelSol, especially now that winter is coming!

Stop the spread of parvovirus, and provide your animal pets with the protection they need by properly sanitizing and killing harmful diseases.

KennelSol HC

If you’re a pet owner, who just bought a puppy, know that they are more susceptible to Parvovirus; puppies between the ages of 16-18 weeks have not received all of their vaccinations yet. With this said, you need to take extra precautions to protect your pets from this virus; take note of the areas visited, the age and vaccination status of the dogs they come into contact with, and be sure to properly sanitize all shoes, clothes, bowls, hands, toys, etc.

Parovirus is no joke, and as a veterinarian, animal caretaker, or pet owner, it is your job to make sure you take all of the precautions necessary to protect your animals from this potentially life threatening virus; sanitize and disinfect your surfaces to stop the spread of dangerous pathogens!

For more information about our KennelSol, and other disinfectant products, please give our office a call at 800-222-5537.

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