Combatting Odors in Kennels: Tips and Tricks

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Maintaining a clean and odor-free environment in kennels, animal hospitals, and pet care facilities is essential for the well-being of both animals and staff. Alpha Tech Pet's OdorPet is here to help you achieve that goal effortlessly. As an industrial-strength stain and pet odor eliminator, OdorPet is specifically designed to tackle all types of pet messes, including urine, feces, drool, and vomit. Here are some of the remarkable features of OdorPet and some tips and tricks to effectively combat odors in kennels and animal care settings.

The Power of OdorPet:

OdorPet is powered by a bio-active enzyme-based formula that goes straight to the source of the smell, breaking down debris and ensuring the permanent removal of pet stains. What sets OdorPet apart is its versatility and safety. It boasts a near-neutral pH, making it suitable for use on all surfaces and fabrics as often as needed. Whether you're dealing with stubborn pet stains on carpets, linoleum, hardwood floors, or fabrics, OdorPet is your go-to solution, and it's even preferred by animal hospitals, kennels, and major animal care facilities.

OdorPet Concentrate:

For larger cleaning tasks or professional use, OdorPet Concentrate is your best ally. This industrial-strength stain and pet odor eliminator are perfect for refillable spray bottles, mopping buckets, or use in professional carpet cleaning machines. Its unique bio-active formula acts as a commercial-grade carpet shampoo and floor cleaner, ideal for businesses with heavy traffic and challenging cleaning needs.

Veterinarian Approved and Kennel Tested:

OdorPet Concentrate is not only veterinarian-approved but also kennel-tested. It's formulated to be a professional-strength urine enzyme pet stain carpet cleaner, addressing the toughest odor and stain situations. Whether you're dealing with dog and cat urine, bird urates, protein, animal body fat, blood, mucus, or feces, OdorPet Concentrate eliminates odors and stains effectively.

When it comes to combating odors in kennels and animal care facilities, OdorPet and OdorPet Concentrate are your ultimate solutions. These industrial-strength products are trusted by professionals across America for their unmatched odor-eliminating capabilities. Keep your facility clean, fresh, and welcoming with OdorPet, and ensure the well-being of both animals and staff in your care. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and stains and hello to a cleaner, healthier environment with OdorPet by Alpha Tech Pet.

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