Bio-Drain for Animal Care Facilities

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If you have a sewage system in your animal care facility, you don’t want to be without Bio-Drain!

This product will help you maintain a well functioning drain system, and it eliminates nasty odors; have you ever cleaned out a sink’s drain before? If you have, you know the nasty odors (and junk) that come out of that drain; Bio-Drain will help eliminate those odors (and drain-clogging debris).

This product will breakdown proteins, hair, grease, and anything else that is dumped down the sink; because it breaks down proteins such as hair and grease, your drain won’t clog, and you won’t have to go fishing into the sink to pull out a wad of pet hair that is lodged in the drain!

Not only will this product keep your drain and sewage system free flowing and eliminate odor, but it is also 100% organic and environmentally friendly.

Automatic Bio-Drain Dispenser

You have your choice between half gallon containers or five gallon pails; you can even try our Automatic Bio-Drain Dispenser unit that is specifically made for the five gallon pails!

Let us help you keep your drain and sewage systems running smoothly and odor-free! For more information about our Bio-Drain products, please give Alpha Tech Pet a call at 800-222-5537.

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