3 Reasons Why You Need a Pet Odor Remover

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why you need a pet odor remover

An effective pet odor remover is essential to the growth and success of any animal care business. Today, we will explain three reasons why you need to find high-quality pet odor removal products for your veterinary clinic, animal hospital, kennel, or animal shelter. We will also discuss what types of pet odor removers you and your team can use in your animal care facility.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Pet Odor Remover

1. Safety of Pets and People

Pet odor is not only unpleasant but unhealthy as well. Stinky smells usually originate from germs, bacteria, and other harmful microbes that may potentially bring about the disease to animals and humans alike. You need products that will eliminate pet odor and its root causes for the sake of the health and well-being of the pets and people in your animal care facility.

2. Clean, Hygienic Facility

Your kennel, animal shelter, animal hospital, or vet clinic should also be disinfected and sanitized to make it a conducive place to take care of pets. Disinfecting and sanitizing makes it easier for your odor remover to work its magic. Dogs, cats, and other animals will feel comfortable and relaxed in your facility if it is free from unwanted odors.

3. Reliable Reputation of Your Animal Business

First impressions count in the business world. Your venue must look and smell fresh to encourage your existing customers and potential clients to patronize your animal care services. A clean, odor-free facility will lead to the reliable reputation of your vet clinic, shelter, kennel, or hospital.

3 Types of Pet Odor Remover Products You Can Use

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1. Stain and Pet Odor Remover

Home products are not enough for your animal care business since pet traffic is unlike a quiet home setting. You need a professional stain and pet odor remover that is powerful enough to remove all the unpleasant smells and stains which the animals may leave behind in seats and carpets in the venue. Find a product that is biodegradable and organic so you can use it regularly for the fabrics and surfaces in the area.

2. Air Purification System

You also need an air purification system that utilizes controlled amounts of chlorine dioxide to deodorize the entire space, including the spots that are difficult to access. Chlorine dioxide deodorizer gas may be used as a sterilant for laboratory equipment and environmental surfaces in your veterinary clinic, animal hospital, and other healthcare venues for pets. As a result, an air purification system allows you to improve your sanitation program in your facility in a safe, efficient way.


3. Instant Pet Urine Odor Remover

It’s not surprising if animals accidentally urinate in your facility throughout the working day. That’s why you need an instant pet urine remover to eliminate the stinky scent of urine. It can also be used to remove other nitrogen-based odors from litter boxes and spoiled food.

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