10 Reasons Why We Love Animals More Than Humans

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Why we love animals

1 They Provide Unconditional Love

Animals are unflinching and unreserved with their love for us. Sure, we feed them, pet them, play with them, and clean up after them, but they love us even if we don’t put their dinner down on time or take an extra day to clean the litter.

dog with toy

2 They Don’t Judge You

Eat leftover cold pizza for breakfast? Take forever to replay to your voice mail? Sit around all Saturday in your pajamas to watch Netflix instead of mowing the lawn? Your animals won’t give you a dirty look. They’re just happy you’re around!

3 They aren’t always asking for something

Yes, animals are pretty much constantly ready to eat and play, but they don’t always bug you over it. Your pets give you plenty of alone time if you need it. Sometimes so much that you go looking for them to make sure they didn’t get into trouble while you weren’t looking!

animals don't judge

4 They appreciate attention

There’s never a bad time to lean down and give your favorite furry friend a pat or two. Whether it’s a nice belly rub, a good scratch behind the ears or under the chin, or even just a pat on the head and some murmured words as they walk by, and they’ll be wagging tails and plenty of purrs left and right!

5 They are protective

When an animal claims you as their human, watch out! They won’t let anything bad happen to you. Whether it’s protecting you from physical harm, keeping an eye on you when you’re sick, or simply curling up next to you and putting their head in your lap when you’re sad, animals will always have your back no matter what!

6 They are soft

From long and sleek to short, plush, and everything in between, animals are warm and soft to the touch. There’s nothing more satisfying than burying your face in a warm, fuzzy creature’s comforting fur when you need something soft and satisfying at your fingertips and you’re tired of someone else’s freezing feet leaving you chattering in bed or on the couch!

7 They hear way better than we do

Animals are great listeners. Ever have a cat or dog who was waiting for you at the door well before you came around the corner? They know when you’re coming home even from a block away, whether it’s from the sound of your car engine to the cadence of your footsteps, thanks to their highly developed sense of hearing.

dog licking lips

8 You can feed them the same thing every meal and they don’t complain

Fed up with trying to feed your family something new and exciting every night? Tired of wasting time and energy on cooking something, only to have the kids pick at it and then eat potato chips for dinner? Animals couldn’t care less about what you put on their plate. You feed your pet the same can of wet food every evening and they gobble it up like it’s a gourmet meal every time. Talk about deliciously low-maintenance!

9 They can calm us down when we feel chaotic

People can be exhausting. Work, school, family — just being around them sometimes can leave you feeling anxious and annoyed. Yet being in the presence of an animal can have a calming effect on the human psyche. In an increasingly chaotic and uncertain world, filled with the strangest of days and events, coming home to an animal that’s been waiting patiently for you to return is like stepping out of a desert into an emotional oasis.

loyal dog

10 They are loyal

Nothing is more loyal than an animal you’ve bonded with. They’re your ride or die, inseparable from your side no matter what, and that’s something we all need from time to time. If you need someone you can trust to always be with you, an animal beats out a human just about every time!

Humans? Who Needs Them?

We at Alpha Tech Pet love animals. In fact, sometimes we do love them more than humans. Okay, so we still need humans for a few things, but let’s be honest: when we have the chance, we go with animals over humans every time we can. That’s why Alpha Tech Pet provides veterinary cleaning supplies for kennels, animal hospitals, veterinary clinics, and more — because animals deserve the best!

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