Bird Flu News

Japanese Company to Present a "No-Evacuation Required During a Bird Flu Outbreak" Breakthrough Technology at the 5th International Bird Flu Summit.

Taiko Pharmaceutical's experimental data and practical applications of chlorine dioxide against pandemic influenza to be presented to bird flu experts and public health policy makers at international bird flu summit in the US.

Washington, DC (New-Fields) August 27, 2007 -- The worldwide fear against the pandemic threat of the avian flu is soon to be allayed at the 5th International Bird Flu Summit organized by NewFields Exhibition Inc., as Dr. Norio Ogata of the Japanese Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. presents, for the first time in an international conference, the company's experimental data and practical applications of chlorine dioxide against pandemic influenza. The product to be launched uses chlorine dioxide gas to create virus-free living spaces. With this breakthrough method in infection control, "It isn't necessary to evacuate people from workplaces" , explains Dr. Ogata.

Together with this Taiko launching, the 5th International Bird Flu Summit slated on September 27 and 28 in Las Vegas Nevada will also cover discussions on pandemic prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery and will feature public and private sector leaders addressing the threat of a Bird Flu pandemic and a possible human-to-human transmission. Participants will include distinguished scientists, public health officials, law enforcers, first responders and other experts.

The summit draws on the successes of the four previous summits held in Washington and Geneva, Switzerland. Like in the past summits, attendees will also have a unique chance to come face-to-face with doctors who have treated fatal human cases of bird flu such as Dr. Sardikin Giripatro, of the Indonesian Investigation and Verification Team for Avian Influenza Outbreaks.

The summit will host public health officials and bird flu experts from more than 30 countries. This global event is open to all interested businesses and organizations from all countries.