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ATP Chemical 4-Way Mixing Station

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    A Convenient Dilution System

    There is a system for properly diluting OdorPet, Neutral Citrus Degreaser, and Window Cleaner, and Alpha Tech Pet made a Mixing Station to make it easy for anyone who needs to dilute chemicals. The ATP Mixing Station gives you everything you need to turn cleaning solutions into the required chemical ratios. By coordinating water pressure with Alpha Tech Pet’s products, the Mixing Station will give you a well-balanced solution for your cleaning needs.

    Accurate Results

    It can be challenging to properly dilute various solutions. The ATP Mixing Station provides ease and precise results. Using city water pressure (25 – 125 PSI), the venturi injection system draws and blends OdorPet, Neutral Citrus Degreaser, and Window Cleaner, with the water stream. The end result is a perfectly diluted solution.

    Easy to Use

    The ATP Mixing Station is available with separate flow rates so you can cater it to your cleaning needs. Each lever has a different flow rate that will dispense into mop buckets or spray bottles. This easy-to-use station will save you and your employees time and money.

    Heavy Duty

    The ATP Mixing Station is made from stainless steel, with mounting bracket, heavy durable bronze valves, and a polypropylene injector body. There is an easy to read water pressure gauge that gives you an accurate tip selection, making all of your dilutions accurate.

    The Solution to Your Dilution Needs

    If your facility works with concentrated cleaning solutions, mixing stations are the way to go. The ATP Mixing Station is ideal for use in the animal care industry as well as any home projects that require dilution. To save time, money and stress, opt for this convenient mixing station that works well with other Alpha Tech Pet products.

    Product Features and Benefits

    • Eliminates the need for manual mixing and optimizes chemical utilization, employee safety and labor efficiency
    • Hands-on push lever activation prevents accidental overfilling of containers
    • Chemical resistant wetted components ensure years of outstanding performance with minimal maintenance
    • Industrial-strength design holds up in tough environments
    • Water pressure gauge eliminates guessing, reduces set-up time and helps with troubleshooting
    • The dilution ratio for each lever is set independently
    • Draws chemical concentrate from any sized container
    • Mixing stations can be plumbed in series
    • Choice of flow rates for filling buckets or bottles, 20 color-coded metering tips for setting dilution ratios
    • Integrated back-flow preventer
    • Easy-to-read water pressure gauge for accurate tip selection