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Alpha HydroClean II Automatic Dilution Sprayer Sanitizing System

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    About This Item

    Complete unit mounted on stainless steel front plate

    2 each 7 foot vinyl draw tubes with foot strainers
    One metering tip kit
    Mounting hardware

    Save valuable time and expense with our "NEW" Alpha HydroClean II automatic dilution sprayer sanitizing system. Designed to be used with KennelSol® and/or Quadrasol® ClO2 (Chlorine Dioxide) disinfectants, it will deliver consistently accurate chemical dilutions for cleaning and disinfecting your animal care facility. Easy to use and install, just wall mount and attach to your water source! Attach your hose (up to 50 ft.) and you are ready to fill your buckets or spray-clean kennel runs and floors. The Alpha HydroClean II is engineered to maintain dilution accuracy for normal water pressures ranging from 25 psi to 85 psi, and all components of this system are designed for chemical and corrosion resistance. Alpha HydroClean II is packaged fully assembled with an integrated hose rack and includes pickup tubes for KennelSol and an accessory kit for wall mounting.

    HydroClean II TroubleShooting Schematic

    HydroClean II Instructions & Troubleshooting Guide

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