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    High Powered Cleaning Cloths that Get the Job Done

    Microfiber cleaning cloths allow a deep clean and they are easy to use. These superior cloths are made to be used on all surfaces and for all your cleaning needs. They hold more liquid and can be washed multiple times.

    More Economical than Your Average Cleaning Cloths

    The microfiber technology used in the materials allows them to pick up more debris and dust without having to use several cloths for one mess. They can be laundered hundreds of times and used over and over again. They hold eight times their weight in cleaning solution so they mop up more with less material.

    Constructed for Efficiency

    Microfiber cleaning cloths are different than your average cloth. They have positively charged microfibers that attract negatively charged dust, making cleanup faster and easier. The solid construction of split microfibers pulls liquid and soil particles away from surfaces without any extra force.

    Less Chemicals Used

    The technology causes the surface tension to break, allowing for cleanup to occur with fewer chemicals. Instead of chemicals, water is used to collect and absorb the particles. Overall, there will be less chemical exposure to your family and your pets.

    A Microfiber Cloth that Does all the Hard Work in Less Time

    Microfiber cleaning cloths work for general purpose messes. They also go above and beyond to clean and polish equipment and surfaces in animal care facilities. Having the ability to hold far more their weight than your average cloth, they allow for more efficient pickup.