Veterinary and Kennel Air Purification System

KennelSol APS - Tub Combo (1 Maintenance + 1 Shock / case) (4512)

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Veterinary & Kennel Air Purification SystemKennelSol APS (Air Purification System) 1 large Maintenance (500 gm of A & B) + 1 large Shock (500 gm of A & B) / case Product Features and Benefits Each scoop treats 10,000 cu. ft. - 9 scoops per jar This...
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Flagstaff, AZ

Worth it


At first when we started using APS I was not happy putting money into something that I couldn't see working with my own eyes. After having used it for a year or two now, we have never had an outbreak of anything in our facility since. I'm sold!

Reviews 1-1 of 1