Skunk odor remover

SkunkAway Spray, 6 sets/case (5600-OS)

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STOP Skunk Smell on Pets Fast!Active Chlorine Dioxide technology for removing Skunk Odors. This 2 part solution (mix contents of part A with contents of part B) generates a Chlorine Dioxide solution capable of knocking out the toughest of odors...
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Auburn MA

It really works!


My two dogs were repeatedly sprayed by a skunk. I tried Skunkaway for the first time, and within MINUTES the smell was disappearing! I did apply it twice over two days, only because my dogs were sprayed BAD, but it worked! There is no bathing, no wet dogs to deal with, no anxious dogs shaking while being bathed, you simply spray it on, that's it! I did apply it with a cloth to their faces to avoid their eyes. I am so grateful for this, THE BEST PRODUCT EVER!! Thank you so much!

Reviews 1-1 of 1