OdorPet odor and stain remover

OdorPet 16oz (Black Cherry) Ready-to-Use Spray Bottle - 6/Case with Sprayer (5400)

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Support Material Pet Odor Eliminator & CleanerOdorpet® ready-to-use formulation is an odor counteractant and cleaner “for pet messes anywhere!” An outstanding pet odor eliminator ideal for cleaning up pet messes. It can be used on carpeting,...
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OdorPet Saved my Sunroom!

while my son was in the process of building a new home, he and his family needed a place to stay and this included his 12 year old dog, Deno. Being a dog lover, I was more than happy to have them all stay with me. But, I wasn't happy that Deno loved to use my sun porch as his personal bathroom. After six months of deno using my sunroom as a toilet, you can only imagine what the smell was like. I must have tried at least 10 different stain and odor remover on that carpet, but nothing worked. I was just about to have the entire room re-carpeted, when my groomer told me about OdorPet. She said she has been using it for years and it works wonderful, so I bought a bottle for $12.99. Within a day of spraying the carpet with OdorPet, the BAD urine smell was totally GONE! It was the best $12.99 I ever spent. I just wished I had told my groomer about my problem sooner. That $12.99 saved me over $700.00 on a new carpet.

Thanks Alpha Tech Pet!!

Anne B.

Reviews 1-1 of 1