KennelSolĀ® APS (Air Purification System)

Since 1988, chlorine dioxide gas has been registered as a sterilant for use on laboratory equipment, environmental surfaces, tools and clean rooms. KennelSol APS chlorine dioxide gas technology is now available for use in your animal care facility. This air purification system safely and reliably releases controlled amounts of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas for amazing odor control, thus enhancing your overall sanitation program.

Consider the science behind chlorine dioxide use for cleaning and maintaining an odor free facility:

  • Chlorine dioxide gas actively destroys and absorbs odors rather than masking scents with fragrances.
  • Numerous scientific studies have shown chlorine dioxide gas to have demonstrated efficacy against airborne viruses and bacteria. (We are making no such claims with our product)
  • In fact, chlorine dioxide gas was the principal agent of choice used by the US Government in the decontamination of buildings after the 2001 Anthrax attacks. (We are making no such claims with our product)
  • Chlorine dioxide gas has a high affinity for moisture and fungus causing allergens.
  • Chlorine dioxide gas will effectively penetrate and seek out areas in your facility unable to be reached by hard surface disinfectants.
  • Use in HVAC systems, isolation rooms, the cattery or anywhere odors present a problem.

KennelSol APS Features and Benefits