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Angle Brush - scrub brush
Price: $22.33
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 3040 -

    A superior scrub brush for use in animal care facilities. May be color coded to reduce cross contamination by using either a red handle (# 3060) or a blue handle (# 3062).A Superior Scrub Brush If you work in the animal care industry and you need a high quality scrub brush for everyday messes, Alpha Tech Pet’s scrub brush is the tool for you. It’s commonly used in animal care facilities however; it works well in other work facilities and the average home. Its convenient color coded method...

    18 inch red squeegee
    Price: $10.50
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: 3066 -

      Our 18” floor squeegees have non-marking blades and are ideal for removing liquids and light soil on even surfaces. Made of sturdy non-corrosive plastic and color-coded Red for isolation wards and/or contaminated areas. Fits red fiberglass threaded handle (#3060).

      12" Foam Window Squeegee
      Price: $10.60
      Availability: In Stock
      Item #: 3064 -

        8" window squeegee with a 13" black plastic handle.

        Mop Bucket
        Price: $152.26
        Availability: In Stock
        Item #: 3240 -

          Heavy duty sidepress Mop Bucket, with isolated dirty water bucket & sedimant tray.

          Cleaning Cart
          Price: $298.35
          Availability: In Stock
          Item #: 3600 -

            Cleaning Cart - high impact plastic, heavy duty construction, complete w/laundry, debris bag (also for use with microfiber applications).

            Disposable Synthetic Powder Free Gloves
            Price: $97.62
            Availability: Out of Stock
            Item #: 3400 -

              One of our BEST DEALS. Disposable Synthetic Powder-Free Gloves, 100 gloves/box, 10 boxes per case. GREAT PRICE!Available in Medium and Large