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    Product Features and Benefits

    • Groundbreaking patented technology helps prevent septic backup and maintain free-flowing drains
    • Powerful microbial formulation deposits live, active bacteria (500 billion bacteria per gallon) into septic system/drain
    • Goes to work instantly breaking down fats, oils, grease and other stubborn organic matter and helping neutralize odors
    • Unlike standard septic system treatments, can be used day or night without waiting and can enter septic system through any drain
    • For septic systems, drains, toilets and boat/RV tanks
    • Many industrial and commercial uses including animal care facilities, water reclamation/treatment plants
    • Safe on all plumbing systems; will not harm pipes
    • Contains no emulsifiers, added enzymes, surfactants or fragrance; will not harm plant and marine life
    • EPA’s DfE designation for safer chemistry
    • CLR Septic Treatment SDS