Why YGIENE is a Must-Have for Any Animal Care Facility

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The list of products that animal care facilities should have on-hand is fairly large and specific. Specialized tools, disposables, crates and carriers, and of course the chemicals that keep it all sanitary and safe to use. Alpha Tech Pet’s KennelSol® is our primary recommendation of choice for a first line of defense broad-spectrum germicidal deodorizing disinfectant, for its combination of effectiveness and safety. It knocks out a wide variety of pathogens (including canine parvo virus), without posing unnecessary risk or irritation to animals, humans, or equipment.

Some surfaces, quarantine wards, critical care holding areas, tabletops, and counters call for a harder hit. In these areas, you need to be absolutely sure that the surfaces are not just disinfected from common pathogens, but completely sterilized of any microbes of risk. This is precisely the situation for which a sterilizer like YGIENE™ is designed. BioNeutral’s YGIENE is an EPA-approved ready-to-use liquid cleaner/sterilizer, designed to be used on all critical non-porous surfaces. It is so effective that we recommend it as the second component of our One-Two Punch for optimal animal care facility sanitation, alongside KennelSol.

YGIENE is easy to use: just spray and let dry. YGIENE is formulated to keep surfaces moist for 20-minutes, in order to guarantee elimination of dangerous pathogens and spores, which are exceptionally resilient. There is no need for any additional wiping, cleaning, or rinsing, as YGIENE breaks down into harmless oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide. Once the surface is dry, the surface is completely chemical-free and safe for humans and animals– just like equipment that has been through an autoclave.

This means two things: you don’t have to spend extra time cleaning, and you can be assured that the surfaces on which you use YGIENE are not only clean, but completely sterilized and safe. There’s no risk to your patients or workers, because the chemical has completely sterilized the surface and evaporated (however we do recommend use of gloves during application as YGIENE in its liquid form will bleach hands).

We recommend routine sterilization of critical surfaces. A convenient and effective routine is to spray down these surfaces with YGIENE at the end of the day. When you return in the morning, the surface has been completely sterilized and is completely safe.

YGIENE is also non-harmful to equipment. It will not corrode your equipment, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice its longevity in order to ensure you have a safe environment for your patients and workers.

In short, YGIENE is a must-have for animal care facilities of any kind. It is the only EPA-approved liquid surface sterilizer on the market presently, is supremely effective, simple & quick to use, and very safe when applied properly. It is the special weapon for critical areas and sensitive circumstances, to ensure the health of your animals and workers.

If you would like to know more about YGIENE, why we recommend pairing KennelSol and YGIENE for complete care facility sanitation, or how to improve your current animal care facility sanitation protocols, please feel free to contact us. We can be reached by phone at (800) 222-5537, or you can contact us online. Be sure to bookmark our blog and check back for more information on Alpha Tech’s products and recommended protocols.

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