Product Spotlight: Alpha HydroMaid II

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Having ideal disinfectants, deodorants, and other cleaning chemicals is the most important single step you can take toward an optimal cleaning plan for your animal care facility. This is why we at Alpha Tech Pet have created KennelSol, OdorPet, and promote the use of aqueous ozone (and the LotusPRO Aqueous Ozone Generator). Being able to apply these solutions at their maximum effectiveness, quickly and efficiently, is another substantial opportunity for cleaning regimen improvement. Large facilities achieve this through integrated cleaning systems which work quite well. But this type of solution is impractical for small and mid-sized facilities, which have just as much need for effective application.

In order to fill this need, Alpha Tech Pet created the HydroMaid II. The HydroMaid II is a self-contained automatic dilution cleaning system. It is powered by a rechargeable battery, and takes up about as much space as a mop bucket.

The HydroMaid II is designed to completely fulfill the cleaning application requirements of small and mid-sized animal care facilities.

  • Automatic dilution prevents chemical waste as a result of human error and/or bias, and keeps employees from being exposed to cleaning chemicals which can harm them.
  • The 8-gallon tank provides a steady supply of water that is always fresh and clean– no dipping a dirty mop into your bucket in order to apply solutions.
  • The rechargeable battery provides three full hours of flow per charge, and conveniently charges overnight.
  • Low-pressure/low-flow application prevents excess product use and does not aerosolize particulate matter, making your cleaning more economical, preventing pooling or flooding on your floors and surfaces, and also avoids the danger of sending pathogens airborne, which can occur in high-pressure water systems.
  • The HydroMaid II has a small footprint, about the size of a mop bucket. This makes moving it from room to room within your facility very easy, and storing it when not in use convenient.
  • Speaking of moving, the large rear wheels of the HydroMaid II are engineered to promote easy passage over outdoor terrain, so applying Alpha Tech Pet cleaning products to outdoor pea gravel and artificial grass play areas is just as convenient as indoor application.

The HydroMaid II is a single unit that is designed to fulfill your facility’s cleaning needs and make your life easier. It’s self-contained, easy to move, automatically dilutes cleaning solutions, and provides economical application of aqueous ozone, KennelSol, and OdorPet as needed.

Alpha Tech Pet also carries various accessories and add-ons for the HydroMaid II, including extension hoses, foam gun attachment, and a replacement pump. Financing for the HydroMaid II and other Alpha Tech Pet equipment purchases is available. To get more information, please contact us online or by phone: (800) 222-5537, or locally (978) 486-3690.

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