HydroMaid II

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HydroMaid II is a battery operated, automatic cleaning system (mobile automated integrated diluter) ; it also has a self-contained 8 gallon fresh water tank. This machine is designed for animal care facilities, vet hospitals and kennels.

This mobile unit has a low pressure spray, which allows you to easily and directly apply cleaning supplies, like Aqueous ozone and OdorPet, to surfaces. You no longer have to move a dirty mop bucket from suite to suite or around the play areas and indoor runs.

HydroMaid II

HydroMaid II will help you control and contain diseases, because Aqueous Ozone can now easily be applied directly. Also, unlike high pressure cleaning systems, its low pressure application doesn’t allow pathogens or germs to become airborne; because pathogens are not airborne, it helps prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria into other rooms and between kenneling units of your animal care facilities.

You can take this machine anywhere (having a footprint the size of a mop bucket), because there are no hoses or electrical cords to drag around; it is also engineered for easy mobility over outdoor terrain.

You or your employees will not have to worry about handling or touching product concentrates any longer. This increases safety and cost savings. All you have to do is charge it over night, and it will provide you with three solid hours of continuous trigger spray usage.

This mobile machine will reduce work and increase efficiencies!

For more information about the HydroMaid II, please contact Dr. Shawn Seitz at 800-222-5537.

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