BioFiber Dusting Sheets

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All kennels, a veterinary clinics, shelters or other businesses that hold dogs and other pets all have one thing in common. There is hair, dust, and other particles on the floors at almost all times. To ensure that your facility is kept clean, there is an array of different products available to help clean. Instead of buying multiple products to tackle one specific target, we offer many products that have multiple purposes.

Alpha Tech Pet takes pride in providing our clients with environmentally friendly products for animal care facilities, in addition to products that make every day maintenance easier. One of these products is our Biofiber Dusting Sheets. These handy sheets are a great for your cleaning campaign. They not only attract dust particles on floors, but also hair and other bacteria that might be present. In order to do this, when being used, the sheets build an electrostatic charge to attract all floor particles.

In addition to picking up any pet hair, dust, crumbs, and anything else that might be on the floors, these sheets are biodegradable. We make sure that all of our equipment not only help our clients, but also help the environment. Our Biofiber dusting sheet has been tested to make sure it cleans up 99% of bacteria. What makes that statistic so great is that, 99% of bacteria on your facilities floors can be gone without the use of chemicals. Each case comes with 200 Biofiber sheets to give you mass amounts of backups if your facility has animals that shed a lot or if accidents occur.

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