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karcher turf and carpet extractor


Karcher PS 4/7 Bp Veterinary-Grade Sprayer/Mister

The Karcher PS 4/7 Veterinary-Grade Sprayer/Misting System is designed to reduce Animal Care Facility Acquired Infections by providing a convenient means of applying sanitizers and disinfectants faster, safer and quieter. Misting provides higher efficacy by improving coverage more efficiently than traditional spray wipe methods. It delivers solutions into the numerous hard to reach corners and crevices that wipe methods can't reach. Rechargeable 12-volt system easily provides a full 8-hours of use. A 3-hour recharge time ensures the unit gets back into service quickly. Low pressure, low flow chemical application system does not aerosolize particlulate matter (thelps reduce transmission of contaminants). Perfect for applying solutions (cleaners & disinfectants) in veterinary facilities, pet resorts, pet stores, grooming establishments, other animal care facilities, labs, lobbies, bathrooms and sanitary areas.


  • Pressure - 100 PSI (low pressure)
  • Spray Solution Rate - 0.05 gpm (low flow)
  • Continuous Spray Time - 8 hours/charge
  • 3" Wheels
  • 22.5" Transport Height
  • Sound Level - 30 dBA
  • Weight (including battery) - 32 lbs
  • 19" x 14" x 40"