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ENCORE Professional Commercial Washer & Dryer

Cleaning up hair, blankets, and towels is a messy job. ENCORE washers and dryers are built tough to handle the demands of your Animal Care Facility.

A Durable Washer and Dryer System

ENCORE laundry equipment is known for its durability, longevity, and value. This industrial-grade washer and dryer set can handle large loads and can run for more than 15,000 cycles. It is built with energy conservation standards in mind, making it cost-effective.

Built to Handle Large Loads

The ENCORE washer and dryer has a 22-pound washing drum, making it good for loads that are bigger than average. This large capacity drum can handle 30 large towels at one time. The washer and dryers are available in side by side units or as a stacked combination unit.

Economical and Versatile

It only takes 40 minutes to run one load in the ENCORE washer. This cost-effective system yields professional results in half the time. Items are almost dry when they come out of the washer, so they need less time in the dryer. Because it is designed to run 15,000 cycles, it lives longer than residential units.

Easy Installation

When it’s time to deliver your ENCORE laundry equipment, Alpha Tech Pet’s Customer Care support team will be ready to answer all your questions. This ongoing support will provide a smooth installation with no hassle. The washer comes with an onboard detergent pump that works on all machines so you can get started on your laundry right away.

Great for the Animal Care Industry

The ENCORE washer and dryer system is ideal for anyone who works in the animal care industry or any industry that requires large loads of laundry. The energy conservation standards built into ENCORE washers and dryers deliver professional results while lowering laundry costs with less water and utility expenses. It is available in electric or gas models.

ENCORE Features and Benefits

  • Capacity per load, about 60 hand towels, or 30 full size towels
  • Cycles run approximately 40 minutes
  • 300 G-force for greatest water extraction and faster dry time
  • 15,000+ cycle machine life - more than triple the life of appliance type washers
  • Side-by-side or Stacked configuration options
  • Energy Star, CEE Tier III qualified, and ADA compliant